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Tormaresca Chardonnay 75cl

AED 69 AED 58

This Chardonnay is Tormaresca’s signature label from its namesake estate. Being a symbol of Apulia’s intrinsic nature, with its high-quality standards, is a source of pride for Tormaresca and its close connection to the territory is made evident through the etymology of the name itself. ‘Tormaresca’ is a creative name that evokes the 580 historical fortified towers built to defend the Apulian coastline from pirates that for centuries threatened the local populations. These same invaders proved to be sources of important cultural contributions that left their mark in the area.  Fresh on the palate and well balanced with light balsamic notes.

This full-bodied white wine, thanks to its freshness, pairs perfectly with cold dishes, such as raw fish and summer salads in general. With regard to the typical gastronomic tradizion of Salento, this Chardonnay matches well also with veggie dishes base on eggplant, courgettes and stuffed peppers, with delicate or highly spicy doughs.


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