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Le clos

Le Clos prides itself on delivering an extensive range of the finest wine and spirits from around the world, starting at US $28 through to world exclusives at US $195,000.

Whether you are shopping in-store at Al Hamra or at one of our Le Clos outlets in Dubai International airport, our highly qualified staff are on hand to guide you through some of the world’s best wines and spirits, from well-loved brands to highly sought after rarities.

Next time you travel through Dubai International try our concierge style delivery service, which enables you to make your selection in-store, online or via phone, and our team will meet you with your purchases when you land.

For more information on Le Clos and our latest offers please visit

How To Reach Us

Head towards Al Hamra Mall take the second U-turn and look out for the red roof of Al Hamra Cellar, RAK. Just take the second right after the U-turn

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Sun – Sat 9am - 9pm

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