Famous Grouse 40 Year Old Blended Scotch 70cl

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  • Country: Scotland

A really sublime marriage of several stunning malts all over 40 years of age that demonstrates how skilful judgement on the part of a blender can produce a whisky that is somehow greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. The thing that stands out with this new Famous Grouse 40 year old is balance, the wonderful and elegant mix of single malts and how their various characters have been brought together in a way that is mutually complementary, that makes the best facets of each shine beautifully. No part over dominates, the natural wood spice element of long aged malts is given freshness by the fruitier and peatier components, just as the wood itself offers structure and forms complexity throughout. A gem of a whisky and a dying breed, well worth acquiring and tasting.

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