Dictador Colombian Aged Black Gin “Treasure” 70cl

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  • Country: Colombia

The house of Dictador, famous for its excellent rum, has branched out into the production of other spirits; and at this moment, what could be more natural than a gin? That’s not to say there’s much that’s obvious about this gin; the Colombian distillery has taken a truly innovative approach, with fantastic results.

Where conventional gins are based on a neutral spirit created from grain, the foundation for Dictador’s Treasure Gin is sugar cane. This foundation is then distilled with botanicals including the unique Colombian limon marandino, a hybrid citrus with a green skin and orange flesh. Also innovative in gin production is what happens post-distillation; the spirit is aged for 35 weeks in barrels previously used to store the wonderful Dictador Rum. The result is a wonderful smoothness that means the gin can be thoroughly enjoyed pure.

The resting phase of this gin’s production also imbues it with a light amber colour. The aromas move from an initial citrus brightness, and remains fresh in the notes of mint and pepper that follow. These tones translate themselves into consistently loud flavours on the palate, and are complemented by a subtle sweetness. Colombian Treasure Gin is a truly unique product – a Colombian revolutionary from harvest to barrel to glass!

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