Bombay Sapphire East Gin 75cl

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Bombay Sapphire East is bottled at 42% rather than the normal 40%, as this higher ABV gives the gin extra punch and weight which allow more of its character from its botanicals to shine through in a G&T. Bombay Sapphire East is made in the same way as Bombay Sapphire i.e it is made using vapour infusion which is where the spirit meets the botanicals in vapour form whilst inside a Carter Head still. This vapour infusion process allows the 2 new botanicals to blend gently with the gin.

The original Bombay Sapphire’s taste is characterised by a soft juniper base accentuated with spices and hints of lemon. Bombay Sapphire East on the other hand has a big earthy peppery centre and clean citrus element that come from the lemongrass that just adds to the complexity and overall taste. This Gin will really liven up a G&T.

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